Duchess S'mores in a Mug

Duchess Hot Chocolate made on a campfire and topped with gooey, smokey marshmallows is the perfect way to end the day. Grab those graham crackers and get dunking!

Duchess Ice Cream Cone

Move over sprinkles and keep your cherries! Duchess. Hot Chocolate mix doused over your ice cream cone is the topping you need for summer!

Duchess Hot Chocolate Ice Cream

Grab a bowl of your favorite ice cream and drizzle with freshly made or cooled Duchess. Add an extra sprinkle or Duchess mix for even more chocolate goodness!

Iced Hot Chocolate with Duchess

Make Duchess as per instructions on the container. Let it cool and then pour over ice. Top with a generous dollop of fresh whipped cream and a heavy dusting of Duchess to finish. Delish!

The Ultimate Ice Cream Sandwich

Take two of your favorite cookies, stuff them with several giant scoops of your favorite ice cream, and the best bit...roll those delicious edges in our gorgeous Duchess. Hot Chocolate mix. You won't regret it!