Hot chocolate as it should be

thick, rich, and utterly indulgent! Duchess Luxury Hot Chocolate gives you what we like to call a royally good "tummy cuddle" with every glorious sip. 

It’s my new favorite thing. I can honestly say it’s the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had. Anything thinner just does not compare. I crave it daily.


Honestly the best drink I've ever had. I would say that it compares to what you imagine the Polar Express hot chocolate to taste like. Which I know everyone has imagined trying ever since they watched the movie. 100/10 would drink again


Best. Hot Chocolate. EVER!!! I have never had a better cup. PLUS you can get it VEGAN. Which is a dream come true for someone who’s allergic to dairy like me. I want this to be the last drink I have before I die.


Aaaaaaamazing!!! Crave this stuff every single day!!


It’s a rainy cold day today and I’m sitting cuddled up with a blanket and a warm cup of Duchess Hot Chocolate. This chocolate drink is so smooth and velvety how can you not have a tummy cuddle. A royal experience all from the comfort of my home. Well done you guys. You have truly perfected what I too imagine a cup of Polar Express Hot Chocolate would taste like. Or what Augustus Gloop experienced when falling into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate river. Wonder no more.


Hands down the very best customer service I have ever experienced! Super fast response and very accommodating. Thank you!


Richest hot chocolate in Utah Valley. It’s definitely a treat. I highly recommend it. I think it’s higher quality than Starbucks.


The most delicious European-style drinking chocolate. I craved it daily after trying it.